The finished short film. 

As shading lead, I worked mainly with painting textures and creating shaders, but also contributed to character blendshapes, modeling, pre-production work, and lighting.
Below are some examples of work I did for the short.

A screencap of the opening scene. All shaders, excluding the boxes, shelves, and smaller props, were made by me. 

Pre-Production work:
The unlit attic: a concept piece I painted in Adobe Photoshop.
The lit attic: another concept I painted in Adobe Photoshop.
An early animatic I created in Adobe Photoshop and other team members compiled in Premiere. 
Modeling/Blendshape Work
After the initial model was made by another member of my team (first photo), I tweaked the mesh to fix various problems (second photo). I then asked the director for feedback and created the final version of the mesh (third photo).
Various expression tests using region-specific blendshapes I created. Not all expressions were used for the final short.
Texturing/Shading Work:
Test renders showing the evolution of the attic's textures / shaders
Tests showing Rory's evolving skin and eye shaders. The art style of the short required simplistic shaders with a physical believability. I adjusted the specularity, color, and subsurface scattering until I felt it was consistent with our desired aesthetic.
Shading tests for the telescope and sweater.
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